Exploring the Concept of Horsepower: What Is It?

Whenever we go for a ride or jump into a new car we may often wonder - what exactly is horsepower? It's a pretty universal term that gets misunderstood far too often. So, let's explore!

The term was coined James Watt, who’s more renown for the invention of the 60-watt light bulb. During the 18th century, Watt needed a professional term to use with his peers that would explain his methods of gathering energy from his coal-mines. Through using ponies, Watt founds that one-pony was equal to approximately 33,000 foot-pounds worth of work done in one minute. His formula remains widely used to this day.

Performance. Period. That’s what it all boils down to. You see, horsepower is a nifty term that can tell us a whole lot about the specific performance rating of any modern-day engine. Find out even more about our vehicles, and their horsepower, during your next visit at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Peoria in Peoria, AZ!


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