Keep Halloween Safe for Kids in Peoria

Keeping Halloween safe for kids should be the top priority for drivers. But we all get in a hurry, which is why our team at Larry H. Miller Dodge Peoria has compiled a shortlist of tips to keep in mind during your holiday night. You might be in a hurry to get home to help your own kids trick or treat. That doesn't mean we shouldn't use caution. Residential neighborhoods are full of kids trying to trick or treat. Kids travel in small to large groups. As it gets darker outside, it becomes harder to see kids.

Kids can carry glow sticks or lights. That helps drivers out. Some kids don't. Other kids wear dark clothing. It makes them difficult to spot. That's why all drivers need to use caution on Halloween night. The safety of our kids depends on it. You can drive 5-10 miles an hour less than the speed limit. Kids might not see your car coming. They might be so excited to get to that next destination they cross the street without looking. Driving slower can eliminate accidents.

We all want a safe Halloween. Our dealership has more tips and information on Halloween safety. We wish you and your family the best during this wonderful season!

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