How to Care for Your Truck During the Arizona Summer

How to Care for Your Truck During the Arizona Summer

Between the monsoons and scorching heat, our Arizona summers tend to be considerably toastier than other states’ seasons. This can really take a toll on your vehicle and tires. It’s extremely important to make sure your truck is well-maintained during these sizzling months. We have a few items on our checklist to ensure your RAM 1500 is looking and performing at its optimum level over the next few months—check it out:


  • Make sure your windshield wipers are functioning well. This seems like an offseason task, but with powerful monsoons rocking the valley at often unexpected times, this is a very necessary measure. Your wipers need to be replaced when they’re worn out so that you can prevent being trapped on the highway in the middle of a haboob with a river of rain pouring over your windshield. They’re inexpensive, often costing under $20, and can be found at our parts department.
  • Check the tread and pressure of your truck’s tires. In the intense heat of the day and chilliness of the night, the rubber of the tires can crack or become damaged by the fluctuation in temperature. While inflating your tires can be an easy fix, you might need a little extra help in examining the tread. Our service center does that every day—stop by for a consultation or to pick out a new pair of tires with a fresh tread.
  • We can’t stress the importance of this one enough—air conditioning! This is a total lifesaver in an Arizona summer. The last thing you want is to be caught with no AC on a 105-degree day. If your vehicle is blowing warm air or hasn’t been checked out in a while, come see us, especially if you often transport your kids or even pets.


Driving a truck with working windshield wipers, solid tire pressure and tread, and a delightfully frosty AC is significantly more fun than having to experience an Arizona summer without one. See which services we offer at our service department so that you can outfit your vehicle with all of the necessary bells and whistles this season.

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