Here's How to Spring Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Spring cleaning your car is just as important as tidying up your home—a clean vehicle is a happy vehicle! Rather than just clearing the trash out and spraying your ride with a hose, we suggest diving a little deeper. We found some useful tips online that could not only make this year’s task easier, but also next year’s much more efficient.


Here's How to Spring Clean Your Car Like a Pro

  • To begin your spring cleaning, Tip Hero suggests using cupcake liners to line your cupholders. This makes it easier to collect little odds and ends as well as any spills or dirt that build up during your daily commute. As an added bonus, they’re very cute and kid-friendly.


  • Tidying up your car’s air filters is another great way to freshen your car up. Autoblog has a fantastic video about how to effectively clean the air filters yourself. This will keep the air in your car fresh and consequently keep it smelling good. After all, who doesn’t love new car smell?


  • Get your headlights restored at our collision center. We don’t just do collision repair here; we offer a variety of services that will make your car sparkle like new again. Our team will buff and restore your headlights, maximizing your safety and driving prowess. It’s a great and low-cost maneuver that will have you driving with more confidence.


  • Give your car’s interior a good scrub with Armor All or a similar cleaning product. Products specially made for automotive use keep your dashboard, seats, and other surfaces dirt- and germ-free. Plus, it will help your vehicle smell excellent year-round.


There are a lot of ways to keep your car clean, many of which are quite easy. Try out some of these simple steps to freshen up your ride. In the meantime, be sure to keep any extra garbage out of the car and get it washed regularly. Our service department will be happy to discuss additional ways to keep your car looking—and smelling— shiny and new. Stop by our dealership on Bell Road today.

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