Dodge and Ram Repairs in Peoria - Larry H. Miller Service Center - Oil Changes, Brake Service, and Major Repairs

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The Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Peoria Service Department will be
Monday, September 3 2018, for Labor Day.

Looking for a service center for your Dodge or Ram? At Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Peoria, we can help. Whether you're exploring Lake Pleasant or visiting the Pioneer Arizona Living History Museum, a vehicle in good repair is essential to get you there.


The Importance of Maintaining Your Dodge or Ram

Dodge and Ram vehicles are known for their reliability and capability. In order to get the most out of these qualities, it's important to give your car, truck, or SUV routine maintenance and repair. Benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Capability & Performance: If you want a car, truck or SUV that offers the performance and capability you need, it's important to have it maintained. Keeping your engine and other essential components in good shape helps your vehicle achieve its potential. And, it gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is operating as it should.
  • Reliability: Want a vehicle that you can count on? Getting a Dodge or Ram is a great start. From there, adhering to routine maintenance and repair makes sure you have a vehicle ready to take on the West Valley and beyond.
  • Value Retention: When the time comes to sell your vehicle, have your service records ready. If you can show that you've serviced your Dodge or Ram regularly, you could secure more money during your car sale.

Why Service Your Dodge or Ram at our Dealership?

Dodge and Ram service centers specialize in their brands. They use genuine MOPAR equipment and parts and are outfitted with the latest tools and state-of-the-art facilities. You can rest assured that the job is getting done correctly the first time.

Dodge and Ram service techs are professionally trained to work on your specific model. Whether you drive a Dodge car or SUV or a Ram truck or van, these technicians understand the complexity of your vehicle and have the skills to do the job right.


Why Service at Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Peoria?

At Larry H. Miller Dodge Ram Peoria, our technicians take each job seriously. Each day our technicians work to adhere to our dealership's core values of integrity, hard work, service and stewardship. Whether you are looking for an oil change, coolant flush, or a major repair, we are ready to help you keep your Dodge or Ram healthy for the many miles ahead.

If you are in search of pre-paid maintenance plans for your vehicle, you can also count on our team. Our Total Auto Care (TCA) program covers a variety of your maintenance needs and can help you save on your next service appointment. You buy essential services - like oil changes, tire rotations, and more - in bulk to save money on our total. You can buy a TCA pre-paid maintenance plan when you first buy your vehicle, or at any time during your ownership. Contact our team to learn more.

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